Know about how to print on both sides of paper HP Printer

HP is known to be the best brand in providing high-resolution imaging devices and solutions. These printers have been the most appreciated and have acquired a loyal user base all over the world. HP printers offer both Inkjet and LaserJet printer variants and give out the best of print quality that ever has existed. We thought of discussing and helping you through the process of “print on both sides of paper HP Printer”, and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing here. Reading on you’ll find the features of HP Printers that have successfully conquered the overseas market followed by the procedures to print on both sides of a paper using a Windows device and a phone.

print on both sides of paper hp printer

Learn the traits of HP Printers that stand out

Before you get to know about “print on both sides of paper HP Printer”, this part of the read takes you through the list of major features of an HP printer that helps in making it different from all the other variants and acquires a global user base:

  • Print of any image has a high resolution
  • Images and documents can be scanned efficiently
  • Black and white, and color printouts
  • Printers have fast device connecting abilities
  • Print jobs are delivered almost instantly
  • Users get alerts for replacing ink cartridges
  • Order placement abilities (when required)

Learn to print both sides using Windows

Use your Windows device to run HP Printer software for setting up a duplex printing job on either or both Inkjet and LaserJet to print on both sides of paper HP Printer:

  1. Get into the document or image you want to print.
  2. Go ahead to choose “File”> “Print”> “Printer Properties”.
  3. Settle between reading the pages as a tablet or a booklet.
  4. Then move to select “Layout, Features, or Finishing Tab”.
  5. Either hit “Print on Both Sides Manually” or “Print to Both Sides”.
  6. Place your hit on the “Binding and Page Flip” setting options.
  7. Go forth with “OK” and then head towards the “Print” options.
  8. Go ahead with more steps only if, the printer still doesn’t print both sides.
  9. Get the pages on the printer out of the tray, and reload them.
  10. Tap on “Print” to get the other side of the page printed


  • The above part also answers an additional question- “how to print on both sides manually?”
  • Load the proper amount of papers on the tray so that you don’t encounter page ordering issues.
  • For step 2, you can choose between Printer Properties, Preferences, or Printer Setup depending on what gets displayed on your Windows device’ screen.
  • The available menu might differ depending on printer models but you’d have to get into the settings and enable the duplex printer setting.

Learn how to print double-sided on HP printer from phone

This section will efficiently walk you through the procedure to print on both sides of paper HP Printer using an Android device and an iPhone:


  1. Get the HP Printer Assistant app downloaded on your phone.
  2. Head to “Menu” > “Settings”> “Connections”> “More Settings”.
  3. Select “Connection”> “Print”, and then tap your print driver or plugin.
  4. If you don’t see the plugins already enabled, go ahead and do it.
  5. Search and hit on “More”, and hit “Printer Settings” from the menu.
  6. Activate the slider and enable the “2-sided” option.


  1. Begin with getting to the image or document file for printing.
  2. Get the HP Printing software and hit on the “Share” tab.
  3. Look for “Print” among the given options and go for it.
  4. On the “Printer Options” screen, hit “Select Printer”.
  5. Choose from the Printer options displayed on the list.
  6. Settle the number of copies you want the prints for.
  7. Go to the “Double-sided Printing” tab and enable it to “Print”.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to help you in times when you want to print on both sides of paper HP Printer. Once you read it, you’ll be familiarized with the major traits of HP printers that are associated with the best technology and a huge global user base. In the following sections, you’ll be able to understand the steps involved in manually adjusting the setting for double-sided printing when using a Windows device, an Android device, and/or an iPhone.

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