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HP is and has been the leading tech company in the global market. It offers premium world-class products such as a variety of printers, desktops, laptops, tablets, and many related products. Besides this, there are tons of software that the brand offers that is inclusive of HP Printer Assistant or HP Assistant, HP Scan Doctor, HP Advisor, HP Wireless Assistant, and more. There are many subjects to discuss when talking about HP printers such as ordering print supplies, finding the WPS Pin on HP Printer, and the like. Here, in this read, you’ll understand everything about one very specific software- HP Printer Assistant. You’ll get to know all the functions of this software, downloading procedures for Windows 10 and Mac, and you’ll get to read a detailed section, where you’ll know about issues that are usually encountered and reported by HP users.

Functions of HP Printer Assistant

Printers have been a great invention of all time- anything you see can be kept with you on a piece of paper. And HP took a great initiative when it decided on listing printers as one of their primary products. But, with increased hi-tech features that come with these printers, the operation of HP Printers became very difficult. To increase better user accessibility and enhance user experience, the brand came up with advanced printer management software- HP Printer Assistant. It is highly recommended by the brand and performs a lot of functions that make a users’ life easier. Let’s see what functions it entails:

  1. Taking care of any and every printing task is a primary function.
  2. Adds to the improvements made in your printer’s performance.
  3. Tracks and records the print papers used from the print tray.
  4. Keeps an eye out for the ink levels in the printer cartridges.
  5. Enables you to scan all images and documents you want.
  6. Improves the communication between printers and devices.
  7. Attends to the prints with a premium technology trait (in-built).
  8. Every print and printer-related issue/s can be resolved.
  9. Comes with a feature that lets print drivers auto-update.

HP Printer Assistant for Windows 10

HP Printer Assistant can be extra effective when it comes to Be operated on Windows 10. That can be justified for two reasons- one, all HP computer devices come with Windows as their operating system, and two, HP Printer Assistant works wonders on the Windows 10 version. It doesn’t just improve the printer performance but magnifies a great user experience too. This software will end up with the other existing print drivers after the software gets generated from the printer setup. With Windows 10 the utility user’s yield can be consistent in maximization. You can visit 123.hp.com/setup to download the HP printer management software whenever you want.

HP Printer Assistant for Mac

It is unfortunate that MAC users do not have access to HP Printer Assistant to optimize the performance of their HP printers. But, even then, the Mac-using population hasn’t been very disappointed. One very significant way of describing HP is a company that believes in finding solutions. And thus, when HP Printer Assistant wasn’t available for MAC, it came up with another solution exclusively for them- HP Smart App. Downloading and installing the app has been very easy, all you need to do is visit the App Store and get it from there. It is a very effective way of increasing the satisfaction that MAC users can yield. The HP Smart App is compatible with macOS, iOS, and even with Android operating systems.

HP Printer Assistant won’t open

Like any other technical product, HP Printer Assistant isn’t entirely accurate. Users may encounter numerous problems, despite it being carefully engineered software. But, as you know, from earlier, that HP never fails in reaching solutions. Thus, enlisted are a few things you can do to take care of the situation:

  1. Disconnect every link between your HP Printers and the in-use device, and then reconnect.
  2. Eliminate the HP Printer Assistant from your device and reinstall it again after some time.
  3. Get the latest versions for all your print drivers from their official HP website online.
  4. Improve the working of both your HP Printer and your device by unplugging and re-plugging.
  5. Let the built-in drivers on your Windows device work and try to fix the issues you face.
The most common issues that have been reported by users are:
  • Trouble with installation- Trouble in installing the printer drivers and can be fixed with updating the drivers, installing or reinstalling them for improvements.
  • Errors with Print Results- HP Scan Doctor is a software program that helps in detecting issues and entails tools that can help fix them.
  • Problem in Configuration- Begin with rebooting your HP printer, the in-use and connected device, and the Wi-Fi router to try fixing the configuration problems.
  • Issues with Wireless Connectivity- Ensure that the printer is placed inside the wireless connection range and check the toner, paper tray and paper queue.
  • Incomplete Printing Tasks- Ensure checking the printer settings and making all necessary adjustments (manage the paper quality settings) to get satisfactory print output.
  • Interruption in Detecting the Printer- Ensure that your HP printer is switched on and is in a good range of connectivity for successful detection.
  • Printer Status goes Offline- It occurs if the communication between printers and device gets interrupted and can be fixed by changing the Printer Status.
  • Inability to find Print Drivers- Unplug the connected cables, and reboot both your HP Printer and the operating device, then install all your print drivers.
  • Wireless Setting of Printers- You may encounter problems with connecting your wireless printers. Thus, you have to manage and adjust the connected device settings.
  • Numerous Scanning Problems- Install HP Print and Scan Doctor and make some necessary changes in your printer settings to avoid and fix problems.

All about customer support

Three ways have been very effective in getting help from the customer service team for the HP Printer Assistant:

  1. 24/7 Support- You can get in touch with their customer support professionals at any time of the day and get instant resolutions to any problem.
  2. Live Chat- You are eligible to experience their recent ‘live chat’ feature that lets you text and talks to one of the support team members.
  3. Email Us- You can always send emails if your problems aren’t extremely urgent as it takes at least a few hours for them to revert.


The detailed above read is focused on helping and guiding you through your HP printer aspects with the most trusted and recommended software by the brand- HP Printer Assistant. You get to learn about the major functions of the software along with its compatibility with different operating systems (Windows, MAC, Android, iOS). You also learn a few things about solving the issues that users have been reporting over the years. Go on a guided read for HP Printer Assistant, and improve the efficiency of your printers with the best printer management software available.